Amber Steele
I received my first camera from my mom as a graduation gift after falling in love with photography during my senior semester of high school.  I had taken a very basic black and white class and was immediately struck by the magic. I later acquired a Canon AE-1 from my grandfather that had belonged to his dad previously.  I was absolutely smitten! I knew from then on that somehow, some way, I was going to be a photographer. /p Eventually I plan to use my photography to in some way benefit the world we live in. I’m not sure how this will happen, or when, but I know that when it’s right it will come to me. My grandpa also instilled a great love and respect of nature and the environment in his once-young granddaughter that has never faded.  It continues to fascinate, amaze, and inspire me, and I want to share this with others so that they too will care about it.  I find photography to be a great tool for this. /p My favorite thing to take pictures of is nature, although I’m beginning to have fun with a more commercial style as well.  I find people to be fascinating subjects too, but mostlywhen they don’t know that they are.  It’s very difficult to capture someone’s true nature, as people change when they have a camera pointed at them.  Above all, I always try to find a new or interesting way to look at things, no matter what it is.  I love to make the ordinary a treat for the eye!
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